Automate the RESET button on my water heater

I own a BOSCH tank-less water heater - Aquastar 2400E. While it is great for heating only the water which I need, it has times when it overheats and needs to be physically reset at the device by pushing a “Reset” button.

Thus I have a delema. Change to a tank boiler or find a way to use smart things to make this hot water heater smarter and let me reset the appliance via a momentary ST switch which can be triggered from my ST app.

Can anyone recommend a way that i can use ST to automate my “Reset” Button?

Hey Leonidm,

Edit: This idea will not work for this unit as found by @codytruscott. For a standard gas water heater, it will work.

I think you are in luck. Just reading the manual for the Aquastar 2400E, it shows that it requires a standard 120VAC/60 HZ circuit to operate. As long as it is connected to a standard outlet currently, you should be able to replace that with any z-wave compatible outlet and then just set it to shutoff for a minute when required.

Of course, you should speak to your professional installer and service company to confirm and never just do what you read on the Internet. :wink: Insert zero liability clause here. Be safe, test often, and when in doubt, call the pros.


The manual specifically states that one should not turn off the power in order to perform a reset. Additionally, it states that recurrent reset situations indicates the need for a service call.

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Thank @codytruscott . I kind off figured that part. I just want a work a round which could let me reset the heater remotely.
If you can help me with any ST integrating idea, would be great help.

Good call reading the entire manual! I will edit my original response to ensure no one follows it.

The only other option I could think of would involve opening the unit and wiring a momentary contact relay into the reset button circuit. Not sure that you would want to go that way.


@DavidCreed. That would not go against my capabilities; as I have already modded my Garage door remote with a Linear Z-wave relay. I posted my project on my own Project post. If I could get a relay to activate the reset circuit when ever I need it, that could work. However, I have not been able to find the schematics for the heater yet. And I will need to order a new relay.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to suggest that it was beyond your capabilities but I would not equate the complexities and potential risk of a gas water heater to a garage door. I would not advise anyone to open and tinker inside the controls for a water heater or any other device for that matter that has the potential risk of serious damage and/or injury/death.

Installing external controls for a device like a garage door is one thing. It is designed to allow multiple controls and you are not touching the built in safety mechanism(s) of the device. I have an Arduino/ST controller setup on my garage doors that gives me control through ST as well.

It’s entirely another matter to open a device that is controlling the regulation and ignition of an flammable/explosive gas. The potential, however small, of inadvertently damaging the mechanisms inside a gas water heater could lead to disastrous results.

If nothing else, surely tampering with the water heater would void any warranty. Also, you could potentially run into liability and insurance problems if anything negative were to ever happen.

I would explore the advice presented by @codytruscott “recurrent reset situations indicates the need for a service call”


Thank you all for your help. I’ll get calling for a service tech.

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