Has anyone tried this gas hot water controller?

Has anyone tried this gas hot water controller?

I haven’t ordered it yet. I am going to put a gas detector in the area. Just in case the controller shuts off the pilot light the cuts the gas back on. Maybe make a scene that makes the controller close if gas is detected.

I haven’t tried that particular set up, but I’ve tried WeMo switches three times and found them too unreliable for regular use.

Timers actually make more sense on an electric water heater because a gas water heater leaves the pilot on regardless of the timer, and you just don’t get that much savings.


the idea of turning a gas water heater into an electrically switched appliance makes me recoil, instinctively. This seems to work by remotely setting the temperature dial to vacation, or normal, by a motor. So the pilot stays lit.


This device IS interesting. It won’t relight the pilot, if the installation is incorrect and you remotely turn off the entire heater instead of just remotely setting it to “vacation”. You “should” be safe if the gas valve is accidentally tripped off by this device.

It doesn’t eliminate pilot standby losses up the flue. Good for a vacation home to remotely set the operating setpoint to occupied.

As far as I know (which not very much). I don’t think you have to worry gas leakage if the pilot switch goes off then on. You have to press another button in order to have gas to relight. Also the gas valve won’t open until the pilot light heated the thermalcouple. You are right. This device is not meant for everyday usage. Turning that gas valve couple times a day is not a good idea.

I have not tried this timer but same as JDRoberts, I have tried the Wemo Switch for about a year and it disconnected about once/month and I had to reset it completely. I am now selling it on eBay.

I have my water heater and recirculation pump switched on and off by a aeon micro switch (Off at night, on during the day and off if nobody is home via presence sensor) this setup has been working for about one year now with out a single problem - and also saves me ~$15/month on my gas bill.

Hi pizzinini, Would you mind sharing the connection schematic for your water heater and Aeon Micro switch? Thank you so much for your help!