Z-wave opener without the "My enhanced z-wave device" test

Continuing the discussion from Need assistance creating the Harmony "Power off" only activity:

Finally gettign back to this after a week of HUB2 reprogramming. Anyway I am still a bit confused about the power off switch.

First I assume you mean “have a switch tied to Harmony using the Harmony trigger app” a virtual switch? correct?

Second I still don’t get the power activity on the harmony remote. Any activity I create requires me tie it to a device that has been added to the remote. Those devices do have a start sequence that always powers up.

  1. How do I create a power off device in the harmony app?
  2. How do I program an activity so that all it does is power off?Continuing the discussion from Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants):

Good news. ST routine worked with My Enhanced z-wave device (modified with capability “Garage Door Control”). Iwas able open/close garage door plus lock/unlock garage man door Schlage lock and turn light on using motion detection sensing. Sweet.

I think the next step is to see if the “My Enhanced z-wave device” device can be eliminated by doing the following (not 1005 sure if this order of operation is correct):

  1. Exclude the GD00Z
  2. Remove “My Enhanced z-wave device”
  3. Re-connect GD00Z under Safety & Security, Garage doors.
  4. In ST device editor change device type to “Z-wave Garage Door Opener” if not already assigned.
  5. Try to setup routine again and test.

If this works it would eliminate the need for a special device, sorry @garyd9. But could simplify the whole process plus reveal an undocumented feature. Either way this is a good thing.

I will try this tomorrow if possible.

No need to apologize to me. The whole purpose of that device type was to make up for the shortcoming in the ST type and platform. If they’ve corrected it a year later, then it’s a good thing…