Google assistant and smart things garage door


How do you add the garage door in Google assistant? I have the approved smart things garage door z wave device but don’t see it.

(Jordon) #2

I used this handler instead. Adds a switch to it so can connect to google home. Then made an ifttt trigger that opens garage when I say open garage door. I use ifttt because with the switch it only open or closes when you tell it to turn it on (open) or turn it off (close)

I hope this helps

(Toi Day) #3

I’m having the same problem. It seems that the list the devices was cut off. Only the light switches are display and the Garage Door may be under the 3 dots … which is not shown. Is there any way to show ALL the devices?

(Neal ( / #4

It won’t show doors in the list since technically opening and closing your door through GH is a security issue if you have GH close to your window. You would need a DH that has a switch function or a virtual switch and CoRE. I use @RBoy DH for my Linear Garage door opener and it appears as a switch and I control that through GH.

(Toi Day) #5

Gotcha! Thanks!

( - Make your home your butler!) #6

This is the one @ZebraBlinds is referring to:

(rich) #7

just making sure… so its $25.00 to download your app? will it work with iris linear garage door opener gd-00z-1
(picked it up at lowes for $50)

(Jordon) #8

The first link I posted is a free handler and has been working great for me from day one.

( - Make your home your butler!) #9

Yes it does :slight_smile:

And you get access to all the other apps and device handlers as well. There are some specifically designed to handle garage door people arriving / leaving plus others. Check out the website for all the apps,

(rich) #10

thanks… It worked great!! i did not realize yours and rboys where different…

(rich) #11

I would have gladly paid $5 for one app or DH. I really did not have use for any of the others so it really wasnt worth it for me. but great work form both of you!

(Jason) #12

Thanks for sharing! I have a Chamberlain door which doesn’t support opening and closing through Google assistant. Will your app allow me to say “ok google open garage?”