Google assistant and smart things garage door

How do you add the garage door in Google assistant? I have the approved smart things garage door z wave device but don’t see it.

I used this handler instead. Adds a switch to it so can connect to google home. Then made an ifttt trigger that opens garage when I say open garage door. I use ifttt because with the switch it only open or closes when you tell it to turn it on (open) or turn it off (close)

I hope this helps

I’m having the same problem. It seems that the list the devices was cut off. Only the light switches are display and the Garage Door may be under the 3 dots … which is not shown. Is there any way to show ALL the devices?

It won’t show doors in the list since technically opening and closing your door through GH is a security issue if you have GH close to your window. You would need a DH that has a switch function or a virtual switch and CoRE. I use @RBoy DH for my Linear Garage door opener and it appears as a switch and I control that through GH.

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Gotcha! Thanks!

This is the one @ZebraBlinds is referring to:

just making sure… so its $25.00 to download your app? will it work with iris linear garage door opener gd-00z-1
(picked it up at lowes for $50)

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The first link I posted is a free handler and has been working great for me from day one.

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Yes it does :slight_smile:

And you get access to all the other apps and device handlers as well. There are some specifically designed to handle garage door people arriving / leaving plus others. Check out the website for all the apps,

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thanks… It worked great!! i did not realize yours and rboys where different…

I would have gladly paid $5 for one app or DH. I really did not have use for any of the others so it really wasnt worth it for me. but great work form both of you!

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Thanks for sharing! I have a Chamberlain door which doesn’t support opening and closing through Google assistant. Will your app allow me to say “ok google open garage?”

FYI, I was able to use the following custom Device Handler for my GD00Z-4 Garage Door Controller to treat it as a switch (on and off instead of open and close) to set up a Custom Routine in Google Assistant to open the Garage Door and Another Custom Routine to close the Garage Door by voice.

To elaborate, I believe the native Device Handler for the GD00Z-4 uses an open/close command which Google locks us out from using voice commands to open and close the door by voice for security purposes. This basically is a workaround by converting it to an on/off switch.