Z-wave network completely down - v2 hub

(Doug) #1

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting an error in the hub (error 101) and the z-wave network fails - completely. No control or connection to any z-wave devices.

Apparently it is not a hardware problem as supposedly they are working on fixing it. Not completely sure how far I’d depend upon that statement, though. Also, it is supposedly a known problem with more than one account…

They did offer to replace my hub, though, so all I’d have to do is remove/readd everything again. Something that I’d just finished doing about a month ago (took a couple of weeks to get everything moved over).

Anyone else seeing this kind of an issue in the past and was it resolved with software/firmware/support or did the hub have to be replaced?



Support probably already asked you this, but just to be sure, you don’t have any Sonos devices on your account, do you?

(Doug) #3

Nope, no Sonus. I’d go by one if it fixed it… :slight_smile:


Actually it’s the other way around–there’s a known bug where having multiple Sonos devices on the account can cause zwave devices to stop working. From an RF standpoint there shouldn’t be an issue, but there is.

(Doug) #5

Yeah, I kind of figured that but hope springs eternal… :slight_smile:

(Michael) #6

When you run a Zwave repair do you have any messages in the log specifying a particular device? I was getting a 101 on an outdoor module that wasn’t plugged in. Once I removed it the error went away.

Others have had to completely remove all Zwave devices and readd.

(Doug) #7

Performing a repair request doesn’t seem to actually do anything. I did a reboot and that seems to trigger a few lines in the log.

After it gets the error it reports the “Star” device not responding. That is the physically closest device to the hub. It is a in-wall outlet.

2016-03-24 6:03:40.406 PM CDT
moments ago HUB Great Room Star [03]: Not res… Great Room Star [03]: Not responding
2016-03-24 6:03:31.151 PM CDT
moments ago HUB zwNwk zw network:DAF58A72, node:01, suc:01
2016-03-24 6:03:31.070 PM CDT
moments ago HUB ENTITY_UPDATE HubUpdated
2016-03-24 6:03:31.033 PM CDT
moments ago HUB zwStatus ready Z-Wave is ready
2016-03-24 6:03:26.637 PM CDT
moments ago HUB zwStatus power cycle Z-Wave power cycle started
2016-03-24 6:03:26.496 PM CDT
moments ago HUB Err 101: ZW module not respon… Err 101: ZW module not responding
2016-03-24 6:03:23.646 PM CDT
moments ago HUB hubInfo hardwareID:000D, version:07, … hardwareID:000D, version:07, mac:D0