Z-wave motion sensor that will detect small pets?

that is a good z-wave motion sensor that will detect pets?
i want one that can sense when my cats enter a room so i can trigger a fan to come on

How big are the cats? My dad has a cat who is 22 pounds; our house cat is 8 pounds. It can make a difference, because it all depends on the sensor sensitivity, and there are definitely some that would detect my dad’s cat but not mine. :smile_cat:

I use 4 motion sensors from 3 different manufacturers. All of them have a pet setting switch. After my 11lbs dog set one off, I switched them all to pet mode. While I can’t promise they all have the setting, and if the one triggered is do to placement, I’d say the odds are pretty dog they they’re easy to find and seems to work as expected.

I just purchased one of the new ST motion sensors. I know they are Zigbee, but it works great with my cats. I put it on the basement stairway to turn on the light with any motion and the cats set it off every time. I kinda wish it wasn’t so sensitive.

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Why do you want to turn the fan on when your cats enter the room?

its where we keep the kitty litter


Try the EcoLink motion sensor, they have a pet mode which when disabled can detect small pets.