Relay Board for NVR Integration

I have a nice wired POE NVR camera setup in my house, and for years I’ve wanted to bring it on to Smartthings. The NVR has “dumb” relay inputs for triggering motion alert emails and recordings, and until now I’ve just been using old-fashioned motion detectors hardwired into those relays to trigger emails. It works well, but it’s limited to places that I actually feel like running wires to, and can’t be triggered by anything more intricate like door sensors, light switches, etc.

I finally have some time on my hands and I’m planning an integration. The only thing I need is a z-wave relay board. I could use Arduino/Rasberry + IFTTT, but I want speed and haven’t had great luck with IFTTT in terms of speed.

I found this: Ostensibly it’s an RGBW dimmer, but in reality it appears to be a 4 channel relay board. I’m going to buy one tonight and instead of wiring 12v ground into the shared ground, I’ll put my NVR’s “common” wire to all four grounds, and hook each zone’s relay into one of the “colors”. This should net me the ability to control all four zones as “scenes”- if motion detector 1 goes off, I set it to only turn on “red” in the controller, and zone 2 to “blue”, etc. The NVR doesn’t pull any meaningful current on its relays, it just looks for a closed circuit. It is selectable for NO/NC so that doesn’t matter.

Before I plop down $50 on the controller and another $40 on a motion detector, is there anything flawed in my reasoning here? I’m fairly confident that the raw wiring will work, but not having worked with this device in the past I’m most concerned that I won’t be able to tie motion detectors to individual colors (i.e. relays) on the board. Has anyone worked with this board?

More importantly, is there any better product on the market- a 4+ channel low-voltage Z-wave relay board?


Update: it took some figuring out, but I’m almost there. I can now trigger three of my NVR zones using the controller. I am now working on the automation so that it will trigger with motion and door opening. I went the the linked controller- the Monoprice RGBW dimmer (i.e. 4 channel relay).

The automation is actually quite simple- it’s a lighting automation. When front door senses motion, set the RGBW controller to 100% on and Red color to activate the relay marked R. My NVR sees this as motion and emails me a picture of the front door camera.

The hardest part was finding a device handler that worked, but this was solved through intense googling. In case anyone else ever tries this, the device handler to use is the Qubino RGBW controller (which is the identical controller to the Monoprice controller) at

I’ll post a pic and a comment when it’s definitely working 100%. But so far it’s looking good.