Kwikset SmartCode 916 used/new from $92.74 (Deadbolt with Z-Wave)

Update: looks like now the price is $104 for “used very good” condition (the lower quality ones have been sold).

I did a search and didn’t see this posted yet-

This looks like a pretty good price if you don’t mind a used lock for other entrances and don’t mind taking a chance on getting a scratched item. The new price according to camel camel camel is usually $180-220 so $93 seems pretty good, or for a few bucks more there’s some in better condition.

The only time the used price was lower was back in June when it was $73 for a day or two.

Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave

(Here’s the forum post about this lock.)

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With as many as they have I really doubt these are " used" . Being AWD it is far more likely a damaged outside packing case.

Cool, I haven’t bought a lot of AWD items, good to know!

Hmm, tempted to replace my monoprice one.

@eibyer How is the monoprice lock? I’ve considered getting it.

It works for my back porch door application but over the summer a couple of the buttons fell out! Monoprice warrantied the item and sent me a new one but you have to send them the failed lock first… yeah, good thing I kept the old manual deadbolt. Also, it doesn’t report code use if you use one of those lock manager apps.

Hm. Well I’ll probably end up ponying up the money and getting a Schlage. They’re more secure. Still only secure as a consumer deadbolt, but probably better than the monoprice one.
It’s just so cheap though… Ah, decisions.

Get one of the above, probably worth the extra $ for less aggravation in the long run. I forgot to add that the AZ summer wreaks havoc on most items installed outside :slight_smile: