Schlage/Kwikset Locks - Deal of the Day @ Home Depot


well damn, mine is not on there. I am looking for some 910’s without the keypads. Thank for sharing - sharing is caring :smiley:

What’s your experience been like with the kwikset 910? Ive read that some people think they’re noisy, possibly because they’re older than some of the other z-wave locks that kwikset has released.

I have the 914 at my front door and I really like it. I have used it for 4 or 5 years now I think. Very reliable. It is loud and I just commented on that elsewhere. The plus side to that is I can hear if a door lock is being operated throughout my home. The reality is the lock just not operate often enough for me to be concerned, and if it is being operated, I want to hear it.

I want the 910’s because they do not have the keypad - I don’t want keypads on my patio or garage doors as we dont use these for entry, so I don’t want someone else playing with them out of site. From the outside, they should just look like a regular lock.

I have a 910 (no keypad) and we can hear it working on the other side of the house. So I’d say it’s fairly loud, but it doesn’t really bother me; it rarely goes off when one of us is home (set to automatically unlock on presence sensors) since neither me nor my wife really bother locking that door when we’re home.

no thanks on the Sense models that only work with IOS with Bluetooth unless you get the extra wifi adapter. Also, the 5 pin tumblers on these are kind of a joke considering how they proudly advertise they are Ansi 1. Still easy to pick. Still easy to bump.Probably easy to drill as well. I’ll stick with my Medeco dumb lock for now.

i was going to grab one but ONLINE purchases wont take my IN-STORE CREDIT that i want to use … bummer

You have to call customer service, I believe.

I’ve got a 910 (with keypad) on my side door, and yes it is quite loud. The noise doesn’t really bother us for our specific install location and use case, but it could easily be annoying for others. It locks as part of my goodnight routine, and it’s actually kinda nice to have audio confirmation that the routine executed.

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