Z-wave lock edge driver - no option to add/edit codes

I’m sorry, I don’t know any more than where the feature is, I don’t use it myself. hopefully someone else will. :thinking:

Anyone know about an lock manager that can be install new at this time? I just jump on the past month and dont have a legacy LM app loaded and, in fact, cannot locate an option on the SmartThings app to add any Smart apps to my hub. RIght now I can set up multiple codes with my Schlage lock, but not based on time/date. Any thoughts?

We never could add smartapps to the hubs. Samsung used to provide a free Groovy cloud where we could run custom smartapps, but they have discontinued that service, as you noted, and you can no longer add new code to it. Some of the old ones are still running, but they will be shut off pretty soon as well.

They are still some things called “smartapps” in the new architecture, but they aren’t added the same way, and there are a lot fewer of them. But that’s a whole other discussion.

I don’t use a smart lock with smartthings, so I’m not sure how people are handling the situation. @rboy used to be the lock expert in this forum, but he’s got his hands full right now trying to deal with the transition, as I’m sure you can understand. So I’m just hoping somebody else will chime in soon, I know it’s a big question for a lot of people.

Just tagging a couple of people who might have more to add:

@MarkTr @Automated_House

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Here’s the official support article for smart lock guest access: doesn’t look like there’s much functionality there:

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I had my always-on codes already programmed so I haven’t messed with any lock management post transition. I have one code that’s enabled on a schedule and the new setup is convoluted, but works. With five IFTTT applets available to a free account, you could do this for two scheduled codes. The SharpTools rules don’t require any of the paid account features.

  1. Set up a Google Calendar with an event when the lock should be enabled (can be an event with a searchable name in an existing calendar)
  2. IFTTT recipe to turn on a virtual presence sensor when that event starts.
  3. Another IFTTT recipe to turn the presence off when the event ends. (This used to be handled by the GCal Integration DTH)
  4. SharpTools rule to add the code when the switch turns on.
  5. Another rule to remove the code when it turns off.

Thanks @MarkTr ! :sunglasses:

For anyone reading this thread who is unfamiliar with Sharptools, it is a third-party app that offers both a dashboard and a Rules engine. The rules engine has a lot of advanced features and has a nice visual interface, which is really easy to use. It will run in the cloud, but then so did The old smartapps, so most people are OK with that. They have both a free tier and a paid tier with advanced features. The paid tier is $30 a year. Very popular in the community, and it already works with the new architecture.

Anyway, you can read more about that, and other options for replacing the old groovy code in the following thread

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?


Did you figure out why you couldnt add existing codes? I’m wondering if I should remove/change the codes in LUM before I transition so it allows me to create an old code in the new guest access.

Yes. It will seem simple when I explain it here, but at the time it had me very confused. I had to do some trial and error to understand what was happening. I also had to get my head around just how little functionality the edge driver provides. You can add a code to a single lock and name it. If you want that code to work on multiple locks you have to manually add it to each one. You can delete a code from a lock. End of features. Once you save a code you can no longer view or edit the actual code, just the name assigned to it. If you forget what code you assigned to someone then you’ll have to delete and re-add it.

When I switched to the edge driver my old codes still worked, but they appeared in the app as “code 1,” “code 2,” etc. I think they were in the same top-to-bottom order that they were in LUM.

I found that sometimes it would let me edit the name, but sometimes it would say “there was a problem with the network” and not change the name. In those cases I just deleted and re-added. If you try to add a code that already exists it will again tell you “there was a problem with the network.” Why it can’t say “that code already exists” will likely remain an eternal mystery.

I made a note of all the names and codes before I migrated. After the migration I went down the list, entering each code and then checking the app notification to see which one it corresponded to (code 1, code 2, etc.).

I feel for folks that have a lot of codes and locks and those that rely heavily on all the features LUM provided. I hope rboy is able to build something comparable for the edge driver world.


Last night I decided to see if the Schlage connect locks have been migrated to Edge. I removed one lock from my SmartThings and then re-added it, hoping that it would force it to show up with an Edge driver like my Leviton light switches did over a month ago when I did this. No such luck. It still shows up in the IDE as a z-wave device and in the app does not have the driver menu choice.

Anybody have an idea when these will be migrated? These are the last devices I have that are not on Edge (no pun intended).

There’s already an Edge driver for these. I migrated both of mine in December. Did you install the z-wave lock driver to your hub before trying?

No, where do I find it? Is it a stock (ST) driver? I have looked at one from philh30, but wanted to wait for the standard one.

Beta Edge Drivers Channel

Useful video that walks you through the steps to install a driver.

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Thanks for that. I couldn’t get in last night but now it works.

I have set up my lock at one location and it seems to be working fine. First thing I noticed is that I am no longer getting 2 Pushover warnings instead of 1 when I unlock the door in Away mode from one of my Sharptools rules. @joshua_lyon suggested, in the Sharptools community where I reported this, that this might be due to a bug in “certain Groovy Devices generate multiple events in the next-gen SmartThings platform” and will hopefully disappear with the Edge driver. So I can report that it looks like it has.

Since these are beta drivers, will they be replaced when they are no longer beta, and will that happen automatically?

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Great question about how the beta drivers will be replaced. Seems safe to assume that, at some point, they’ll have production (non-beta) drivers. As to how that will happen, I have no idea. Seems like they could do it automatically, but someone with a deeper understanding of how that works might have a definitive answer.

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These are already production drivers. Theae are no longer considered beta.

As if things aren’t confusing enough. So if they are production, then why aren’t z-wave locks included in the list below? And why is it called the Beta channel?

I have a Schlage Connect (BE469ZP) Z-Wave lock. I was able to install the Smarththings Edge driver with the lock and the lock displays, locks/unlocks fine.

But I’m not able to add any codes to the lock.

I also installed the “Smart Lock Guest Access” app from the “Life” section, and all that does is allow me to lock/unlock the lock or all locks. It does not have the option to add/remove codes either.

I also tried this with the Z-Wave Lock driver from @philh30 but got the same results.

Any idea what I need to do to get access to setting codes?

Any info would be appreciated.

Did you try clicking on the tiny very gray arrow next to “Locks” in the upper left corner? They seem pretty intent on hiding that.



Thanks, that was it. I could not even see that drop down arrow!

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@allanp , I believe that @troy_owens is incorrect when he stated that the Beta drivers “are” the production drivers.

All of the Samsung-written Edge drivers are in GitHub. The Beta drivers are here:

And the production drivers are here:

If you look at the production Z-Wave lock fingerprints.yml file, you’ll see the vast majority of lock models are commented out, while the same file on the Beta channel shows those locks as uncommented (and therefore currently active):



As you would expect, the production channel only has a few locks currently supported, as clearly they are still testing out some of the more complex functionality on the Beta channel.

If you subscribe to the Beta channel, you can use a pre-release version of the drivers and give your feedback to Samsung on what works and what doesn’t; if you don’t subscribe to the Beta channel, Samsung will eventually send you the Production driver once they finish their development and QA and your specific device is supported (no longer commented in the fingerprints.yml file).

I’m choosing to not use the Beta drivers, I have Kwikset and Yale Z-Wave locks that are not yet supported on the production branch. I’ll wait until they push out the production drivers, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the developers will be responsive if any bugs crop up in those drivers.

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