Schlage Lock Confusion—adding lock codes from the ST app?

I have a Schlage lock on my front door that is hooked up to my hub via Z-Wave. It uses the Z-Wave Lock driver. I’ve had it for a number of years. In the past I was able to add and delete codes from within the SmartThings app. But I can’t find that functionality any more. That’s really the only reason I have a smart lock.

Did this functionality get removed? Do I need a new driver? I’ve seen the rboy device handler but I can’t tell if I have to pay the annual fee to use that. Or if I have to disconnect and reconnect.

I have it under the Life tab > Smart Lock Guest Access > Lock Codes

I am using a custom Edge driver from here:

Oh, wow, there it is. They clearly moved it. And it was way at the bottom of the life page with a ton of stuff I would never use. When I tapped it, it said it had to update a driver and after the update it was at the top and much bigger.

Thank you so much!