Z-Wave Fan Controllers with Alexa Speed Control? (2023)

My best guess is that that’s indicating it thinks it’s already in a zwave network. Try factory reset. If that doesn’t do it then @JDRoberts is probably right that it’s not clearing network info, so move on to general exclusion (you’ll need to hunt in the app for that option - it’s in the options for the ST hub device).

Good deal thanks!

Exclusion in ST is available in 2 places. I prefer the mobile app.

Mobile app:

  • Go to your “hub” device tile. Its likely in one of your rooms (ours is in our Basement room).
  • elect the tile, go to the 3 dot menu, Settings, Z-Wave utilities
  • In that menu there is Zwave exclusion. It will run for about 60 seconds. If you do an inclusion/exclusion button sequence on a device while this is running, the UI will say “1 device excluded.”.

Advanced Web App:

  • Go to the hubs list, choose your hub.
  • Button at the top starts exclusion
  • Note: this only runs exclusion for 15 seconds, which sometimes isn’t long enough for a device to be picked up. I prefer the longer period by the mobile app.

BTW for EVERY device before I include it I always do an exclusion first. Makes sure that the device is actually ready to be included AND verifies that the device signal can reach the hub. Theres no harm in excluding a device as a matter of course. Often brand new devices are still included to the hub they were used during factory line testing and need to be excluded anyway.


Ok thank you everybody. With your help I got the Leviton to work…Only to find out I hate it lol! ordered a new GE for delivery tomorrow now that you have taught where to get good working drivers for it. Thanks again!


I know this post is a little old, but I hope you still check it. I was able to enroll in your channel and install the driver. My list of installed drivers in the advanced web app shows Z-Wave Fan CS. However, my when I try to change to your driver in both the Smartthings app and on the web app, your driver doesn’t show up for me to select. I have another Edge driver that is visible, so I wonder if maybe my fingerprint is not supported. My device’s manufacturer code is 0063-4944-3337.

Thanks for taking a look!

Yep, that device is supported by this driver. What drivers appear on the list when you select Change Driver?

  - id: "GE/0063/4944/3337"
    deviceLabel: GE Fan
    manufacturerId: 0x0063
    productType: 0x4944
    productId: 0x3337
    deviceProfileName: fan-3speed