Z-Wave deadbolts need a new home

I switched from keypad-less deadbolts to keypadded ones, so need to find a new home for my old Kwikset z-wave deadbolts. I have:

  • 2 Kwikset 910 Signature Series z-wave deadbolts, bronze
  • 1 Kwikset 910 Signature Series z-wave deadbolt, bronze, physically damaged but electronics ok
  • 1 Kwikset 99140 Conversion Kit z-wave deadbolt, bronze

All are in working order (except for the physical damage to one of the 910’s as noted). Anyone interested? You’d pay for shipping, but free other than that. I’d just like to find them a new home.


Messaged you just now…

Correction about the 99140 conversion kit, it’s silver and black, not bronze.

All of the 910 deadbolts are spoken for, but the conversion kit still needs a new home! It’s easy to install, you just replace the inside-the-house part of your existing deadbolt (the part with the knob to extend and retract the deadbolt) with this z-wave version. You just pay for UPS shipping (around $15-$20, depending on where you are in the country).

all are now spoken for (wow, that didn’t take long :slight_smile: )