Z wave contact door sensors for profiled doors? (UK)

Hi All

This might seem a daft question but my door contact sensor stopped working the other day and I have been trying to find a replacement.

Problem is my door is upvc with profiled edges that are only about 5-6mm wide, so its very difficult to attach the standard ST sensor. It needs to be slim device with magnet as the gap is only about 37mm

I have ordered a FOXX FPZWDWS2 from Amazon which I hope will fit the bill but I was wondering if anyone else as seen this problem and what they have done to resolve.

I did notice at my young ladies house the back door had the same problem and again the new 2018 ST sensor whilst it looks stylish the curves means its just not a good fit on the edge of the doors.

Any ideas ? or am I just unlucky with profiled doors ?

Recessed sensors or sensative strips may be an option.

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I’m guessing you’re in the UK? If that’s not correct let us know. Device selection does vary somewhat from region to region.

Sensative strips (note spelling) should fit and are available on both the US and UK zwave frequencies. These are on the official “works for smartthings” list. They can be more expensive for the initial purchase, but have a 10 year battery, so you do recover some of that cost over time.


Yes in the UK. Thanks for the tips.

Yes I did consider the strips as they look very good… the price put me off, but also as I have upvc double glazed doors I was thinking there might not be that much of a gap…

This might work. I can’t quite picture a profiled edge, but the magnet for these sensors are small and flat. An added bonus is that the internal battery is rechargeable with a micro usb cable. No battery replacement needed.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did look at those but I think the profiled edge means they wont work. When I get home tonight I will take photos of the door edge and post them so its easier to see what I mean. But do appreciate the input.

Time to get creative with a router… but im nutzo

I did think about that , but in the end I trimmed the trim to allow a slightly wider sensor and installed the Foxx one, Which seems to work well… basic but works.

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