Z wave association groups Aeotec wall mote?

See the read.me for the tweaker. It works only with Mains powered devices, not battery powered. So it won’t work with that device. :disappointed_relieved:

  • The Z-Wave Tweaker will not work with sleepy (e.g. battery-powered) devices.

people do use the tweaker to set parameters on their in wall micros, but those are Mains powered.

I saw you already posted in the thread for the DTH:

Those are the people who should be able to help you with regard to entering information into the tweaker for the wallmote, but as far as I know, nobody has dimming working through direct association with this device using SmartThings.

You can also ask in the tweaker thread If it’s just a question about entering values.

I believe the wallmote does do an automatic update once a day, so maybe it would pick up the associations at that time, I don’t know. But again, the people in the DTH thread should know.

Also, just to be clear, if you did get that association working it would only be able to dim Z wave lights. You didn’t mention the brand and model of the target lights you want to dim, and that will make a difference. But you definitely cannot use zwave direct association with either Wi-Fi or zigbee lights. Only with zwave lights. It’s a Z wave utility which allows two Z wave devices to talk directly to each other without using the hub.

The associations set with the Z wave tweaker only work between 2 zwave devices.