Setting Up Association Groups for Battery Powered Devices?

I understand that Tweaker only works on mains-powered devices, but I tried it on a battery powered device (Monoprice Door/Window Sensor) and I was not able to get accurate information on it. My goal is to try to set up an association group with this device. What is the best way to do that if Tweaker doesn’t work?


You wrote:

I understand that Tweaker only works on mains-powered devices,

I do not think this is true. I think I successfully used tweaker with an old first generation zwave enerwave brand ceiling motion detector.

Hmm, cannot remember now, maybe I didn’t. I thought I did though.

However, NOT all devices support zwave association. The device that is sending the command has to support sending associations commands.

Are you trying this with the new zwave plus version of the monoprice door sensors, or the old classic zwave monoprice door sensors?

This is the newer Z-Wave Plus sensor (#15270). It is the one that uses the A123 Li Battery which is a bit different than the one that uses 2 AAA batteries, even though both are Z-Wave plus now. The documentation states: “This sensor can be a part of a single Association Group of up to 5 nodes. Follow the instructions that came with your Z-Wave Controller to associate it with another device.”

Hi Bruce,
I know this is a very old thread, but I just want to learn from you if you ever figure out how to set up direct association for a battery-powered z wave device? I am in the same situation as you that I would like to associate a battery powered Zooz ZSE40 motion sensor with a GE/Jasco Zwave switch.


No, I never did figure this out. I stopped trying soon after this posting so I cannot say that it is not possible - just that I never figured it out.

Got it. Thanks! I tried a few ways with no success either.

Did anyone figure out a way to assign group association to the newer battery powered devices?

It will vary from model to model.

A Battery powered device has to be awake in order to accept a new configuration. And some will only accept a new configuration when they first join to the network.

Others, like the Fibaro multisensor, Will accept a new configuration at any time and can be awakened pretty easily.

So the Zwave Tweaker Will work with the Fibaro multisensor, but might not work with a motion sensor from a different brand. Sometimes you just have to try it to see.

In some cases, the DTH for the device will allow you to set the configurations when you first add it to the network, so again, it depends on the exact brand and model of the battery powered device.

And some devices, like the Zooz multisensor, will allow you to wake it up with a physical button press on the device itself so it can then accept a new configuration.

If you want to set the parameters on a Zooz device, I would suggest contacting support at the smartest house. (Zooz is their house brand.) they are very familiar with smartthings and should be able to walk you through the process.

But again, this process will be different for different devices.

Thank you! They are all Zooz devices I am trying to associate. I will contact support and share the steps here once I am able to get the devices associated correctly.

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