How do I create a virtual 4 way setup in the new V3 app?

I bought 3 NuTone switches only to find out that I need to associate them.

Does anyone have an Aeotec Minimote they want to sell or loan? Are there any alternatives?

I tried eevery combination of Automation and Scenes, but only the main switch powers the lights. I can use the two add ons to turn off the lights, but then they timeout once the main is off. The add ons won’t turn on again until the main is on.

There are no device alternatives for what you want to do because association is no longer done the same way with Z wave plus, it’s more complicated.

Instead, people use a software alternative, which is the “Z wave Tweaker.“ it’s easy, you are just going to copy and paste that code into your account so that you have that device type handler in your library. Then you will use the IDE to temporarily assign A device to the Tweaker. You open the tweaker in the smartthings app and set whatever associations or parameters you need. Those will be saved in the device itself. So then you can switch back to the regular DTH for that device.

For more information on the tweaker, see the following:

[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker (See post #209 for new V3 app version)

All of that said, if you’re just setting up a three-way switch, you don’t need the mini mote and you don’t need the tweaker. Just use the official SmartThings features to have one switch mirror the other.

But I answered this in more detail in your other thread. :sunglasses:

And just in case you were interested in the details (most people aren’t):

FAQ: How zwave direct association changed with zwave plus

After our discussion is in the other thread, I know that you’re just trying to figure out what automations to set up using the official SmartThings features so that you have three switches controlling the same fixture.

I’m not sure exactly which model Nutone switches you have, though, but they are all three showing up as devices in your SmartThings mobile app, right?

If so, you should be able to use the official “mirror” feature so The master switch will follow the auxiliary switches, turning on when they turn on and turning off when they turn off. You would need one rule for each of the two auxiliaries. That creates your virtual 4 way.

After that, it depends in part on your wiring. Normally with smart switches the auxiliaries do not control the load. Instead, they just essentially act as remotes for the master, telling the master to turn on or off.

But if they are wired more like a dumb switch so that you are closing different circuit branches as you change different switches it’s going to be a lot more complicated. ( you can tell that if the auxiliaries work to turn the lights on and off even when you haven’t set up any rules at all. If so, the wiring may not be correct for smart switches.)

That’s one reason the model number matters. There are some auxiliary models in that line which don’t have the wiring to control the load, so that just simplifies everything.

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Right, the automations don’t work. The add ons can turn off the light, but not on. The add ons turn off the load switch, but once they do, they can’t do anything else until the load switch is turned back on. Also, when one add on is turned off, the second add on doesn’t execute the instruction to turn itself off. Then both add ons timeout until the load is turned. None of the switches follow the automation or scene rules completely.


NuTone NWD500Z

Add ons

NuTone NWT00Z

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