Attempting to connect Linear WS15Z-1 and WT00Z-1 switches

I just purchased these 2 Linear switches. I have them installed, wired, and connected to my Smartthings. However, I cannot get the accessory (WT00Z-1) to control the lights wired to the 3 way switch (WS15Z-1). The WS15Z-1 controls the lights wired to it. Any links to detailed documentation on these devices is welcomed.

Is the only way to “pair” the accessory to the switch my purchasing the AEON minimote? I have read this in other posts but was not sure if there is another way. i wanted to get input before I went and purchased another piece of gear.


I actually asked this same question a few days ago. Please see Duncan’s post here for details:

Note that the Evolve and Linear switches are identical as far as I’m aware.

Did you ever have luck resolving this issues? I have the exact same problem with the WS15Z and WT00Z and I’m ready to send them all back to amazon.