Z-Wave, and Sonos Failing

Has anyone else been experiencing their Z-Wave network and Sonos failing early in the morning and late at night? Everyone becomes unresponsive and I have to unplug the hub and everything acts as normal again.

I’m testing afew things, but I think Pollster is causing the issue as it didn’t start happening until I started polling my weather station and OSRAM light.

In another thread, interference from other wireless gadgets was mentioned as the cause because of the time when the failures happen. I am not sure what the fix was though,

There is a current known issue where Sonos devices can, weirdly, cause zwave devices to fail. It appears to be runaway polling. From an engineering standpoint it makes no sense, but removing the Sonos devices seems to magically fix the zwave problems.


I’ve had the problem, and it only presents itself when I add more than 2 Sonos devices to ST. I’ve been running with 2 since December without running into the z-wave issue.

Can someone at ST clue us in on when we can expect a fix for this? I have 5 sonos on my system and I’ve been figthing lots of issues with Zwave. @slagle can you comment?

Hi cuboy29, I have several DLNA speakers and I have nor problem with zwave , you can try the DLNA device to replace the sonos app, you must uninstall sonos and instal dlna player, you can try

My morning message is now failing. It starts to play then stops. No issues with other devices at the moment.

I have 4 Sonos players and I really wanted to use the play and resume feature after it talks a notification. The only way this would work would be to use pollster to update the Sonos statuses every couple of minutes. But when I did this it would eventually after a few hours kill the hub and zwave devices.

Im a little peeved though that the Sonos Connect source code is not on the public smartthings repository as I would love to try and improve the code for my specific use case

It seems to be here and here. I looked at it and my suspicion was that whatever it’s doing that causes SmartThing to break is probably something that would happen with any driver that dealt with chatty LAN devices rather than something specific to Sonos.