Z-box Hub announced

From Zooz and Fibaro, new standalone Z-wave hub.

Edit: as noted by @JDRoberts, the wrong product description is attached to this on the @TheSmartestHouse website.

700-series. Z-wave only.

  1. All local processing.
  2. Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  3. Matter someday


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Yeah, it’s tasty looking if all you want is zwave, and a possible candidate if you just want zwave plus mqtt and a few third-party integrations like the hue bridge.

As I know you know, but just to be clear since the wrong product description is coming up in the preview box, this is not a “works as a smartthings hub” and it’s not likely to be easy to add to a smartthings set up. It’s a competitor for those primarily using Z wave. It does look like it fills in a lot of the gaps in the smartthings Z wave implementation, so that’s a good thing.

As far as matter… That may be their intention, but zwave to matter is going to be a ways off because of the difference in the addressing systems. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s much more challenging than zigbee or thread. So I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. :thinking: