Z-wave receiver included

Does the SmartThings hub include a Z-wave receiver or we do need to buy a separate Z-wave receiver?

Look simple but there is no confirmation that there is a Z-wave receiver built in SmartThings hub.

Thank you

From https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/products/smartthings-hub

Our Ethernet-connected Hub plugs directly into your Internet router and supports ZigBee, Z-Wave as well as IP-accessible devices, which means it is compatible with hundreds of smart devices today and even more in the future.

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Wow that’s great value for the price then!

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To clarify @swanny, all Z-wave devices both send and receive… the communication is inherently 2-way. So no, you don’t need to buy a separate receiver.

However, if you are trying to use the SmartThings Hub with a separate Z-Wave controller, you may run into problems. Look around the forum to see if someone else has tried to do what you want to do.

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