"your hub is disconnected"

Model ET-WV520

I love how this thing is supposed to work, but I frequently have to go through the restart cycle of unplugging and powering down to get the WiFi back up and running.

Even when the WiFI is up, most of the time, I can’t get into the hub settings and get an error saying “can’t connect to your wi-fi hub”. Not really a huge deal most of the time because as long as the wifi is up - nobody is yelling at me.

Now though, I’m trying to get a light switch to work, and the disconnection means the switch won’t work from the app or schedule; as it says it is Offline.

I can go through the recycle drill, if I can get the family off the internet for 5 minutes; but then it just disconnects after a while.

Is it time to throw this thing away, and look for a new mesh Wi-Fi. Maybe separate out the z-wave from the Wi-Fi.

Thank you :slight_smile: