You don't have authorization to view this page

I been trying to edit one of my deives and I am getting Auth Errors:

Access to was denied

You don’t have authorization to view this page.
HTTP ERROR 403[/code]


Any ideas?

I have experienced the same issue with Chrome on Apple Mac. SmartThings support could not identify the random “access denied” issue and thought that it was perhaps time of day? :rage: It was not!

After a few attempts and rebooting my PC, I think it has to do with an expired or cached browser cookie for SmartThings website. The work around I found to get around this issue is to:

  • Either clear all your browser based cached cookies (Ugh) or
  • Simply launch a “New Incognito Window” (or whatever is your browser’s private window), login and edit the devices.

Chrome’s New Incognito window does not use any existing “cached” cookies and after login, you can edit devices. :smiley:

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On top of what Kurt said in the previous post, make sure that you initially log into After you login, you are redirected to your correct shard (which may or may not be na04-east2).

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Thanks for the responses. The culprit indeed was the browser cache.

WebCore ( has been rock solid :smiley:, no issue with re-login throughout several days of PC in sleep mode, etc.

I am not sure what you mean by that? My problem is not with webcore. Webcore to me has been rocksolid as well.

Read above… Random logoffs…