Canary Camera intergration?

I have searched through forum a few times and can’t seem to find anything about Canary since the Indiegogo project. I like the discreteness of the Canary sitting on a shelf over the " in your face" of DropCam, Motorola or Samsung IP cams. With all of the Echoes around the house I’m pretty sure a few Canaries would blend right in. There are plenty of posts already about just how "integrated " the Samsung IP cams even are.

Reading up on Canary it seems that they are actually smart enough to learn the difference between the dog and a person somewhat reliably given time.

My old Foscam FI8910 work, except any change in lighting triggers a motion alert. The newer Foscam FI8916 are useless since I have tried everything and the only way they work is if I leave them open in a IE window and even then they log out in a couple of hours. They don’t even record to their own SD card unless I am logged in to them with a computer. Not to mention the visible red LED ring on Foscams is distracting/annoying.
Motorola Scout66 work well and I like the invisible blue LED instead of the big red ring. They are 1/3 the price of DropCam. Again however pretty obvious sitting on a shelf and no official ST integration. The community app seems hit or miss, and they can’t learn the difference between a cat jumping on the couch and an intruder busting down the door.
Although I do love the pictures from Scout66, of cat jumping on the sofa coming “directly” to my watch. It did make the neighbors wonder just what kind of tech I really do have. We were over there house the other day and my watch buzzed. Wife asked what it was and I said " Nothing Tiger Lilly just jumped up on the couch again" and I turned my wrist so she could see the picture. Neighbors just kind of looked at each other with a blank stare.

Sorry I got off topic as to if there has been any progress with Canary integrating with ST.

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I’ve read a lot of articles about paring Canary All-in-One and SmartThings. I couldn’t find anything useful so I went for the Nest Cam instead.