Suggested Category Rename

I suggest changing the forum category title from “smartapps” to “Schedules & Automations”

And just folding the “smartapp ideas” subcategory back into the “schedules & automations” top category. No one knows which goes in which anyway, and at this point it’s just confusing.

(I’m including the word schedules because people who are brand new to SmartThings aren’t used to the way we use the word “automations,” and I think that would help them find the right category. :sunglasses:)

I’ll leave it up to the mods whether we need separate subcategories for “SmartThings classic” and “SmartThings (Samsung connect)” or not.


I don’t want to be a mod, the interface is different and it took me ages to learn how to use this one. (Imagine having a person who is blind working in your office and then one day without telling them you rearrange all the furniture in the staff lunchroom. :scream:)

They made me a mod at one point without checking with me and I refused to post until they changed it back. :sunglasses:

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I can see your point given things as they are today, but I don’t think renaming it to schedules and automatons will make sense after SDC.

New Stuff at SDC!

OK, but it won’t be “smartapps” then, either, will it? :wink:

SmartApps :tm: are not going anywhere.


OK, so let’s just take questions from this month that were posted in the wrong forum categories ( usually devices, sometimes general smartthings questions, and somethings just uncategorized)

My daughter just started grad classes in the evening and I was wondering if I use the arrival (putting in her car) sensor to turn on the outside lights, is there a way to set it up so that during the day when she comes home the lights DON’T go on? The lights are on GE Smart Switches. Thanks.

I use night mode when things quieten down after 10:30pm from my living room motion sensor.
This does a number of things, a few being it sets my front door open/close sensor to do things, my porch lights and ring door bell also doing things. Me and my wife are genrerally always in together but what happens if either me or my wife ( individually ) is home, and one of us are out when it goes into night mode. Is there a way to have ST use our presence sensors ( we use our phones ) to switch out of night mode if one arrives. I cant see that option anywhere

I set night mode like most above by having things quiet down when my living room Motion Sensor has no motion for 20mins after 10:30pm. But what if my wife ( or me ) is still out after ‘things quiet down’

One of us is in and things quiet down and so ST switches to night mode. This has things like my front door sensor etc armed. Then the wife comes home…

I want to do a basic automation - when I arrive at my home, set disarmed status and turn on some lights, but at night only.

it is possible to turn on the sonos music when motion is detected just for a few minutes - if so how do i do this? I have got it set up and can turn on the music if the garden camera senses motion but i can not seem to run that for only a few minutes?

I have a Z-Wave blind controller (Zipato Micro Module Motor Control) that integrates just fine and is recognized as a blind controller. All functions works as expected. I want to automate open close at Sunrise and Sunset but only specific time is supported in the standard controls. I haven’t found a smartapp that has this feature for blind control.

have a z wave motion dimmer in the bedroom. In the actual light switch I am not sure of the settings. I want the light to be motion activated and shut off after 15 minutes, however when the mode is switched to night, I dont want the switch to turn on with motion. In the morning, I want the switch to turn on the scene Bedroom (Morning) but I dont want it to actually turn on the light, just if motion is detected. During the day, I want it to use the day scene when motion is activated, and the same with the evening. I am obviously very new to smartthings and home automation.

So far I have found IFTTT to be indispensable, and have integrated my Ring Doorbell, Arlo cameras, and some other goodies. Now that I have SmartThings hubs in my house I decided to add some lighting automation and was hoping to automate with IFTTT, since nothing else I have is SmartThings compatible.
One example I want to figure out is “Turn on Porch Light when Ring detects motion AND after sunset”. It seems simple, but IFTTT does have support for the “after sunset” part, and the CREE bulbs I have connected to my ST hub don’t show up in the ST service in IFTTT.
In the ST app, there are settings for lighting that allow automation for turning on/off at sunset - I’m hoping that can be utilized somehow, but is a “scene” or other ST automation accessible in IFTTT?

I am wanting to use Presence (via Life 360) to switch on and off a porch light. With the Smartlighting app there does not seem to be the function “switch of after XX minutes” if you use Presence. It works in that the porch light comes on, but I guess it then stays on as you are home !
I want the porch light to come on when I come home, and then switch off after XX minutes.
Is there a smartapp that already has managed this, as I cant find it!

Hello, hoping to get some ideas. This is for a commercial restroom where we would like to be able to hit a switch to allow a customer to use the restroom. Of course it needs to let them back out without intervention.

I just moved (and also got a new phone) so I am starting to set up my ST system again. For now, all I want is my motion detector and leak detector working. I can’t figure out this new app. I think I have the sensors set up correctly but I can’t find anywhere to set up a schedule.
I want the motion sensor to alert me in the Away mode but I only want that Mon-Fri from 8AM - 3PM. But I want the leak detector to send an alert to my phone 24/7. I can manually do this but I can’t find any scheduling inthe new app.
Am I missing something?

I’m tired, so I’m not going to put everything, but you get the idea. New People don’t know where to put questions about setting up rules for their devices.

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Meanwhile…until the exciting new stuff is announced, how about renaming the category “SmartApps & Schedules”

Just that would probably help a lot. :sunglasses: