Yeelight account erroneously reconnects to SmartThings, shows empty device list

I’ve been using first-generation Yeelight light bulbs (yeelink.light.color4 and yeelink.light.ct’s) with SmartThings. As I tried to add the LED light bar (yeelink.light.lamp15) to the account, I inadvertently disconnected the Yeelight account from SmartThings.

I’ve been unsuccessful in my attempts to connect any Yeelight devices to SmartThing from that point. SmartThings throws an account connection error after you enter Mi Account data, then shows Yeelight in the list of connected accounts with no devices present.

Integration with Google Home and Yandex work well, and I’ve been able to reconnect Yeelight accounts to them the same day I encountered a SmartThings error.