Yale ZigBee Push Button Electronic deadbolt going to work with UK smart things hub?

Just wondering since it is ZigBee does it mean it will work in us and UK smart things hubs? But it is not listed in UK market place for supported things

@tyler just want to know if there is any official confirmation? The device handler is different for us/UK hubs?

This lock (YRD210) is supported in the US so it is compatible with ZigBee HA 1.2 and the UK hub . . . However it may not work without a custom DTH. If needed you can install the default US DTH by SmartThings located here or my enhanced DTH below.

One thing to note as even though this lock will work, I’m not 100% sure it is legal to operate in the UK as many US devices use boosted ZigBee which is double the legal signal strength in the UK. I’m not certain on this specific model.

Thanks very much for the info I am not using it in uk