Yale lock AYR-MOD-ZW3 Z-Wave module

Is anyone successfully using Yale’s Z-Wave 700 module on SmartThings (V3) or am I SOL?

No matter what I do, even with the Z-Wave Lock beta edge driver installed, it ends up as a Z-Wave switch with no way to change the driver.

I was using it fine on Hubitat, but I switched to the Aeotec ST Hub because the UX for Hubitat leaves a whole lot to be desired.

(sorry, my actual device is Yale Assure Lock 2 YRD430)

You may want to try @philh30 z-wave lock PH Edge driver.

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If still unable to get it to work with the driver… you will need to provide the developer with the fingerprint so he can add it.

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Thank you for your help! After finally getting around to trying your advice though, I suddenly had an updated version of the SmartThings Android app (complete with updated visuals) and everything just started working (with the SmartThings Edge drivers beta) with my next inclusion attempt.

For posterity, I:

  • Locked the lock (this somehow seems important)
  • Started with “scan QR code” in ST
  • Entered [programming code], gear, 7, gear, 1, gear (each time you hit Gear, the keypad lights show you that you’re still on the right track)
  • in this case it indicated success in about another 4 seconds

Same process as before, but the updated app seemed to do the trick. Neither the Yale documentation nor the Yale support agent I called laid out the steps quite like above.

I did also try the philh30 driver and it works but there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable difference.

Thanks again.