Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD220-with Z Wave ZW-0BP


I just got my Yale YRD220 with Z Wave module integrated to my ST hub, and would like to ask if it is possible to lock it on the presence sensor leaving the home, and unlock on arrival?

if yes, please let me know how


Many people do this with CoRE
Info here:

Yes, you can do it in Routines; things like lock/unlock doors, close/open garage doors, set thermostats, and turn off lights.

thanks, created some routines for that, and I think IFTTT also should work

will check which is better and faster to respond

one more question, is there a way to manage the PIN codes from a PC or all need to be done from the touchscreen of the Yale lock?

@RBoy has built device handlers and code management Smartapps that allow you to program from the smartthings app (not PC).


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Be careful with the auto-unlock on arrival as sometimes the presence sensor comes and goes on its own and you might be surprised with an unlocked door in the morning.