Yale touchscreen deadbolt door lock (API) not working (Feb 2023)


As a property management company, we have nearly 80 appartment units. For each of these units we have a yale door lock. I have managed to link each lock with a smartthings V2 hub. When I try to send/deleted codes to the lock with the API (capability), the API always responds with 200 and ACCEPTED.

For some locks, I do not see new codes added to memory.

Among the locks that work well, I noticed that the manufacturerName is SmartThings instead of SmartThingsCommunity for the ones that do not work well. Also, the good ones have a deviceTypeId, deviceTypeName and deviceNetworkType.

There are others slight differences and I wonder what that means.

In any cases, even if the API respond positively, I do not see the new codes in the memory of the lock.

Thank you

@Xavier_Sanchez Did you get resolution on this? Same with my Yale, all of my codes are broken and none are working even though device is showing up in the SmartThings console along with said Yale devices.