Yale Real Living deadbolt battery issue

I’ve had a Yale deadbolt for about 9 months now at a vacation rental house with no issues at all. Battery life has been great, around 6 months before the first change. Just last week, I had a reading of 48% on Thursday, then all of a sudden, it dropped to 1% on Friday when a renter checked in. I went out and replaced the batteries on Saturday, but its still showing 1%, so the previous batteries were probably fine, just a faulty reading for some reason. Anyone else had a similar problem?

I have 4 of these on my house and I’ve had that happen once so far only on one door. The others are all reporting fine.

Have you done anything in regards to the one that acted up? Its not a huge issue, its working fine apparently, just giving off an incorrect reading. As long as I stay on a regular battery change interval, it shouldn’t be a problem, just an annoyance.

Nope, I just replaced the batteries with rechargables so I don’t have to keep buying batteries. If memory serves it fixed itself after a while. I’ve seen some of my window sensors do this too.

Rechargeables aren’t the best idea for door locks — they typically start at 1.2v instead of 1.5v, lose charge at a trickle, and perform poorly in low temperature conditions. Alkaline or preferably lithium are a better choice for fault intolerant situations like door locks in remote rental properties.

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I had an android update on my phone for Smartthings late last week. After the update, the Yale deadbolt battery reading went back to normal, everythings working fine now.