Yale locks - Remotely change codes?


ST is supposed to release their own lock management tool soon, so I’ve not maintained that code
for a while.

In the meantime, you can use the following tool (especially for your for temporary code requirements):


I’ve been using the Lock Manager App for the last 8 months and it works excellent! So grateful that there are coders out there how can problem solve for us who don’t code so well. :smile:

I guess I am a dumb-head… how do I use these links and code? I have the Yale Z-wave lock and SmartThings Hub… but have no idea how to use these codes to make it so I can set/delet codes remotely. Any help you can provide would be useful.
Thank you!


Please read the following thread:


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Rick you want to subscribe to rboyapps they have a Yale lock smart app
that’s absolutely brilliant.

Jae Evans

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@yvesracine will this work for Yale Zigbee lock as well.
I installed a YRD220 with a zigbee module paired with my ST hub and would want to be able to change the code remotely.

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Refer to the following threads for lock management:


Does this work with Z-bee as well? I had User Lock Manager but aparently it is no longer working.

Thank you for your help.

The SmartApp works regardless of Z-Wave or Zigbee.

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For some reason the instructions I find only work with the old SmartThings app, which I was told will go away soon. Where can I find instructions to set it up in the new app?

By the way thank you for responding. I have been going crazy for days looking for a solution.

You can find step by step instructions here. It works with the new ST app but you require the Classic app to install it since the new ST doesn’t support installing custom smartapps as yet. After installing it you’ll be able to access it through the new ST app under Automations. One the new ST app supports installing custom smartapps you should be able to install it directly from the new ST app also.