Remote lock code programming via zwave

I’m new here and have a question. Recently purchased a smart things hub and a Yale smart lock with zwave. I have them connected, but can’t figure out how to change code remotely. I have a vacation property and this is how I wanted to control codes… remotely. I hear there is a way. If someone could help me out, that would be awesome!

Check out this thread… a little long but worth it.

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Thx! Everything is going good, but ran into a snag. There is no device. When I go to add one, it won’t allow me to enter the location or hub. Not sure what device network ID is referring to

Not sure which one you’re referring to, it’s been a while since I installed it. Which part of the instruction are you on?

Sounds like you are trying to add the door lock directly in the IDE. You need to use the proper method for your lock to pair it with the hub. Once paired it will show up as a device in the IDE and then you can tweak - if needed - all those settings. The Device Network Id is set automatically when you pair a zwave device.

I’m guessing you are in the wrong shard. If you are you will need to start the installation process over.

Check to see if your hub and devices show up through that ide link.

My hub and both devices are there. Just not sure what’s next? Sorry for being a pain

No worries. We were all new to this at one point. If you are saying your devices show up in the link I have above then you will need to install the SmartApp and Device Handler there.

Short walkthrough.

  1. Log into IDE

  2. Click ‘SmartApps’

  3. Create New Smartapp

  4. Copy and paste lock manager code

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Publish.

  7. Go to Device Handlers

  8. Add new Device Handler

  9. Copy Gary’s Z-Wave Lock Code

  10. Click Save

  11. Click Publish.

  12. Go to devices.

  13. Select your lock

  14. Click Edit

  15. Choose Gary’s lock DTH for the device.

  16. Click Save.

  17. Find the SmartThings app on your phone

  18. Go to ‘marketplace’

  19. Go to SmartApps

  20. Go to my apps

  21. Select Lock Code Manager.

After going through the screens you will configure the SmartApp from this point on through automations, SmartApps.

This was all from memory so I may have added or missed steps. Let me know if you have issues.

You may have saved the last few hairs on my head. Works like a charm. Thank you to no End!!!