Yale Lock notifications?


I am (was) on verge of getting ST (I move into new house in less than a month), but will be buying new locks in next week. Main concern I have is ST’s stability (a lot of posts about things not working, reporting invalid status, and other issues that usually require custom code/hacking) and lack of compatibility that is in other hubs, such as locks, lutron, and other antenna integration.

As far as the locks…I have been eyeing the Yale z-wave deadbolts, but have a question regarding compatibility:

  1. I understand ST does not support pin management. WHEN is this expected? It seems like a feature that should have been in place a long time ago.
  2. What notifications does ST support for locks? I have seen reference to
    "locked" and “unlocked” notifications, but what about the others?

Pulling off of Vera’s site, they support:

  • Door is locked or unlocked
  • Bad PIN Code entered
  • A PIN Code is entered
  • Lock button is pressed
  • Lock fails to operate
  • User code entered outside fo valid date
  • Low battery
  • Very low battery
  • Battery level goes below…
  • A code was changed using the lock keypad

(Justin) #2

I’ve been asking about the PIN code feature since last fall. I was told then it was being worked so I jumped on the ST ship. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened and now that revolv has the feature I fear I made the wrong choice. I’ve asked for an update and haven’t gotten a response in months. Hope you have better luck.


@infinitesummerh - Has there been any improved functionality since your post with ST and the Yale lock?

I’m on the fence between Revolv and ST because Revolv allows their users to add/remove codes to Yale locks through the mobile application. Is this possible on ST even through a smart code app?

similar to this -> http://revolv.com/new-feature-smart-lock-user-codes/7


No improvements yet. I know from monitoring the Revolve community and ST, there are more complaints on Revolve about compatibility issues and bugs, so I opted for ST. I am still finding bugs and issues, but ST support has been fast to help out. Only downside is their lack of support for locks - this are seems to be their weakest feature set.

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I have a Yale Smartlock deadbolt, and I’m interested in this too now, Primarily why I bought the system.

Any new updates or news on this ST?


@Malathan thanks for the update. Have you tested with smart apps to see if you can add/remove pins to the yale locks?


I tried one app someone made that can add pins. It worked, but found it not that user friendly (both install and use) and it always showed the last user pin that was entered/updated on screen. In the end, elected to manually manage the pins at the door for now. I don’t have that many codes and they don’t change that often.


@Malathan - Oh wow any chance you could direct me to that app? Did it have a mobile UI or only on web?

I almost bought the revolv this morning in loss of hope. But maybe I can modify the app to work for us all! (Software Engineer here)


I used the code from bigpunk6 from this thread. Door Locks Fully Supported by ST's. Look for posting # 19 or so down list