Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock issue

Hi all

This afternoon I have to reposition the battery pack with this lock.
BTW, I am using the Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms device handler from RBoy Apps.

So I took the batteries out and then refitted, inserted the batteries back and all appeared ok.
However since then the status of the lock on the mobile apps interface and the device handler remains UNLOCKED.
Yet I can Unlock and Lock the Yale lock from the mobile app using the buttons on the device page.
I also notice there have been no Status updates in Recently since I refitted the battery compartment.

My current thinking is that the lock remains in the ZWave network, given I can Unlock/Lock it via STT, yet the lock is not reporting status updates, including manual unlocks.

Any suggestions please?

Since you paid for the @rboy license, you should go ahead and contact their support. :sunglasses: