Yale keyless connected not reporting user activity correctly

I have fitted a Yale keyless connected lock and have found Smartthings only reports usage and activity when the lock is manually locked/unlocked or when a PIN is used, unfortunately the main group of My users use the NFC tags and their activity locking and unlocking is not reported, I have spoken to the Yale product manager and he says it works on other Z-Wave platforms and is a known issue with the Smart things Device code. Can you advise when an Update will cure this or will I need to switch to a different Z-wave platform as user audit was the key feature I need.

Yep I’ve got exactly the same issue, really irritating as both the Smart Things and Yale websites say this lock is supported for user activity Audit and it clearly is not, shame as its a great use case for smartthings in uk if it can be made to work.

I was using it with the great Smart App “Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications and Advanced Scheduling” from RBoy which works great except for the NFC tag support, apparently it looks like the device code needs to be updated to include support for the NFC slots in addition to the existing pin code slots, then smartapps can code against the API to report NFC lock usage in the same way pin lock usage is reported today.

If you really must have the feature working then I can confirm the Yale Keyless connected lock works great on the Vera Hub.

HI Dave,

Good to know where the problem is, the main side effect for me is that as the lock does not report events from NFC unlocks and locks the automations to turn off alarm and turn on lights wont work, hopefully SmartThings will update the device driver code so we can use its full potential.

Which lock specifically handles NFC? I just installed a few T1L’s…

the yale YRD340 does

The Lock I have is called the Yale Keyless connected smart lock and is on sale in the UK , looking at the spec I would imagine its similar to the YRD340 but is not a deadbolt lock and is designed to work in conjunction to a nightlatch. The Issue I have is that in addition to supporting 20 user codes the lock also support up to 20 nfc tags and from what I can see the current device code only supports the code users and not the NFC users :frowning:

not sure if I can post links but will try. http://www.yalestore.co.uk/smart-living/keyless-connected-smart-lock.html

It looks like the Yale lock is not passing the NFC lock/unlock events to ST, ST are looking at it with Yale and I will let you know how this goes, but kudos to the ST support team to pick this up and run with it and not just file it :smiley:

I was looking to buy the same Yale Keyless lock and wanted to use with NFC tags but would also need the logging of usage and activity through ST.

Do you know if this has now been resolved or if it will be?


Nope Yale are not being very helpful and told me it was design intent for the NFC tags not to report activity to Smart things, I have also heard the same thing happens for their new zigbee locks :frowning: , If I had my time again I would avoid Yale and go with another vendor as despite what it says on their website they are not prepared to stand upto it or even for that matter to correct their website to actually say what their lock is capable of. 1/10 for customer service when I spoke to them.

Thanks for your reply, what a shame - I’ve emailed Yale to see if they have any response although based on your experience I’m not holding out much hope.

So this leads me onto the next question - what is the working alternative?

The workaround I have is to fit a door sensor to the door and I use that as the trigger, the downside is its another device to worry about and also it cant differentiate between an authorised and unauthorised door opening. The yale lock would be a great product if they sorted this put, I dont mean full user reporting for RFID access but a " authorised unlock" message would be acceptable. The fix for Yale is really simple and quick, the sad thing is I really dont think they care about it. :frowning: