Yale Conexis Lock - Edge Drivers and troubleshooting

I thought I would post this to help anyone with the same issues and avoid being fobbed off by Yale support. Apologies if this is common knowledge, but I was struggling to find any meaningful posts surrounding the conexis - especially with the edge work underway.

I have just got mine working well on edge (using the ST generic ‘Z-Wave Lock’ Driver). Interestingly, I now have better battery reporting too as it only ever showed 1% before, now seems more accurate and responsive.

I had a strange issue where the lock just decided to play up and no longer work after being solid for around 2 years without any problems at all (didn’t even work with the Yale app over Bluetooth, fortunately physical fobs did though).

I reset the lock (leaving the batteries out for 30mins), uninstalled the app and rebooted my phone. Reinstalling the batteries, app, importing the keys etc worked well resulting in the lock now working using the native app and fobs etc (phew!). The problems came when trying to pair with ST - the device already showed in the ST app as I hadn’t removed it, but it was unresponsive. I removed it, but got strange errors surrounding the removal of Z-wave devices. Fortunately, as the IDE is still available (just) I removed it from there. When adding back, I tried adding via brand selecting the Yale and the conexis device then pressing the pairing button 3 times in quick succession. It connects, however then just sits dormant without being able to retrieve any status or perform any lock/unlock functions. Finally, I figured out that you have to remove the device ‘properly’. This is done by putting the lock in pairing mode THEN going to the app and selecting remove device. Now to re-add the lock, DON’T use the manufacturer/device option to add, use ‘scan for new devices’, then press the pairing button 3-times - you will now get prompted to scan the QR code on the z-wave module, this won’t work so press the link on the screen to add the PIN manually - the pin is the first 5 digits of the long code printed on the label of the z-wave module. You need to do all of this before the lock pairing times out, if it beeps and flashes red you need to start again.

The benefits of this means my lock has now been migrated, it is functioning well with improved status/battery details, it is running locally on edge and hopefully I will now have a few more years of solid reliability (thus avoiding the scorning looks from my wife when “my fancy tech fails AGAIN!” (which it doesn’t!).

Hope someone finds this useful!


EDIT: Battery reporting appears to have returned to the same. Dropped to 1% and stays there, changing batteries didn’t change anything and differs to the yale app. So ignore the comments about improved battery status!

I’ve had the yale lock for years and the battery issue is still not fixed. When getting my next lock that will be the first thing I’ll be checking and never get yale again…

I have a Yale ZWave lock, no problem getting battery percentage in the app