Yale Conexis l1

Thanks for the info… it all works now… I can now lock and unlock my conixes l1 lock with smartthings and can lock using Alexa. I can olso unlock but had to install IFTT app…

Congrats @stephen_hastewell

I assume to remotely lock you must have already engaged the multipoint locking by lifting the handle?

What is the battery life like when using the Z-Wave module?

Yale have stated that the Z-Wave Module 2 (which I believe adds encryption) will be available within two weeks.

You’re right yes. Unlike the other night latch style locks, you have to lift the handle manually to unlock. Which itself automatically locks the door.

Battery life wise, I installed in October and changed the batteries this week. That is with the z wave module installed for the locks full life and daily use. I’m hoping this set will last longer with less messing and testing.

Hi Everybody.

I’ve just fitted two of these locks, but the Status showing using Smart Locks in my SM is not working properly.

I have both door locked but showing unlocked via the app.

Could anyone help?

Sorry forgot to mention both locks have Z modules and lock/unlock working well from the app.

But it doesn’t show the current state? I’ve read this somewhere else too. I think it might be normal I’m afraid. I’m hoping the Z-Wave Module 2 show’s the status.

It does shows unknown… But is only when is away mode.

Got back home and now showing correct status.

Do you anything about battery life with the new z wave module 2 ?

I’ve just refreshed the yalestore page and it now shows as in stock. I’ve ordered it so I’ll let you know.

For all those who wondered, my batteries ran out today (it plays a strange jingle when they get below 5%)

I replaced them, but I had to go through the above process again to re-sync and it worked again. I would have thought it would come back up without any issues but I did have do go through steps 1-10 again. The difference this time I have a z-wave siren which is also a repeater and I didn’t have to move the hub but did have to reboot the hub after step 4.

One thing I maybe wasn’t clear on was if you triple click too quickly it doesn’t work.

I may do a video showing how it works.

I have version 1 of the module and don’t have any issues with current state?

If I unlock myself it updates within 2-3 seconds in ST.

He Stephen,

Did you have to re-pair z-wave device on changing the batteries? I changed mine today but had to go through the whole exclude and re-pair process, a bit of a pain as have to add it back to all my smart apps etc

No I didn’t to be honest. Very strange. Mine was a straight swap just as soon as I removed the old set I inserted the new ones. Technically it should retain its settings one paired as essentially the module acts as a control device between the lock itself and the Smartthings hub. Changing the batteries shouldn’t effect the module.

So the z-wave module 2 arrived here and I purchased a v2 hub. The module is bright blue plastic as per the Yale site.

I removed the batteries to install the module in the lock. Took a few minutes total.

After configuring the hub I clicked “add a thing” and pressed the reset button on the lock three times quickly (think triple click) but had to do it again before the hub found it. Now I see the below with simple lock and unlock.

Any recommendations for adding any other cool features?

It’ll be interesting to see if the battery life is improved with the V2. Although I’m not sure purchasing the updated module as an upgrade on the existing one would be worth the extra money if battery life is the only improvement. Batteries costing what they do, the module would have to come down in price quite a lot.

Hmm, I just bought the Module 1 and have until the end of the month to return it. I’m currently having a new door made, so haven’t unboxed it yet.

Is it worth returning and buying the module 2?

Depends if the price is comparable. With nothing to lose. Yes I would change it. If the cost is more then £20…I wouldn’t bother.

The new module adds “official” support although it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The biggest improvement is the use of encryption.

I think I’ll return it. Better to have the best available encryption with an actual physical lock I think!

In the UK, the Yale z-Wave Module 2 only appears to be available directly from Yale or from Vesternet at the moment for £60. The older z-Wave module is available elsewhere for about £40. I wonder if it is really worth the extra £20 for the module2.
Presumably the Module 2 will eventually be available elsewhere too.

Does the Lock button work even if the handle has not been pulled up?

No. Locking the door via the smart lock requires the mult-point locking to be engaged by lifting the handle. The door can be unlocked and locked once the multi-point locking is engaged.