Yale Conexis L1 Z-Wave on Smart Things

Can you elaborate on this a little. I didn’t understand what that meant. Do you see the unlock issue when following the steps I had mentioned above?


We generally unlock using an rfid key each. I’m not sure the phantom unlocks are related to previous rfid interactions as they often happen many hours later and very randomly.

If I had a guess, I would say it seems like some hourly service checking the status of the lock but in some cases reporting it as a phantom unlock event…I’m saying this because they generally happen about 10 minutes to the hour each time.

How did you update them? :astonished:

I phoned Yale support and complained about the battery running down and beeping in the rain and they sent me a firmware update module in the post, which I had to send back after doing the upgrade.

I used to have this problem. But it has gone away now. I mostly get this problem when battery is close to low. I’ve managed to get a set of batteries to last over 6 months. One thing I noticed is that this problem comes back every time I try and allow the lock to be accessed by any other Apps. So now I have not allowed any apps access to it and it’s been fine. So this might be something worth checking

I’ve had a Yale Keyfree lock which has been working brilliantly with RBoy App & Device handler for 3 years now. I recently bought a Yale Conexis L1 for the back door and have noticed I too am getting ‘ghost’ unlocks & locks !!!

I’ve removed the lock from the Rboy app and only have my Front door in there now, and have reverted to the stock smartthings Z-Wave Lock device handler (https://github.com/SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/smartthings/zwave-lock.src/zwave-lock.groovy) to see if that rectifys the ghost unlocks.

So far it seems fine, but it’s only been a few hours at the moment.

It’s been 2 days since changing to the stock smartthings device handler, and there hasn’t been a single ‘ghost’ unlock.

Can only presume there is something that may need checking with the Rboy device handler?
Have to mention that Rboy’s is still installed & running perfectly on my Keyfree lock though.

It appears to be related to timing issue between the lock, mesh and the platform. There’s a firmware bug with 2 models (I had mentioned above), the Yale Conexis and Keyless Connected where the firmware generates the events reports in the wrong order (it should report the user code first and then the lock event but these 2 defective model firmwares do it in the reverse order). There is a patch present in the stock and custom DTH to handle the out of order notifications but due to timing differences from the mesh, internet, hub and the platform it has different effects for different folks. For some folks it works fine with one lock and has a problem with another lock (see above), some folks it works well with local processing, while other it works fine with custom DTH. In the lab here, we don’t see the issue with our Conexis but others do see it. The local DTH runs a little faster where the platform DTH’s run slower with higher latency which sometimes delays the processing quite a bit. You can disable the patch but for the locks with the defective firmware then you’ll lose the user notification (because it comes out of order).
For some folks doing a hard reset works, other using new batteries (it seems to reduce Z-Wave delays/improve response times), adding a repeater close to the lock helps some folks, while others use local DTHs for faster processing. It’s quite a mixed set of results unfortunately, YMMV.
This firmware bug appears to have been fixed by Yale in the latest firmware as confirmed by some users. Ideally you should contact Yale and ask them to send a new zwave module with the latest firmware that fixes this out of order notification and then disable the patch and then it should behave like a regular lock :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a problem with specific custom device handlers but more a general issue with any custom handlers. What I’ve concluded with mine is that if I allow API access to my lock to any smart apps then this ghost unlocks start happening and battery drain is crazy. I’ve had same issue with webcore, sharptools etc. So I just generally avoid sharing the lock with any apps and I haven’t had any issues for months

I’ve got quite a few WebCoRE & Smartthings scripts accessing my lock & everything is running perfectly on the stock device handler.

I have been getting phantom unlocks for months, and just did my first battery change as it went from 100pc to 1. However now I’ve replaced the battery it won’t go back to 100pc.

Is there a known issue number to raise with Yale support? Their email support is abysmal.

Has the battery update issue yet to be resolved? Purchased my Conexis lock and Z Wave module in December19 and have yet to receive battery status updates without having to manually press refresh in the classic app…

Things I’ve tried:

  • Fresh batteries
  • New Z Wave Module (replaced FOC by Yale)
  • Exclude lock from ST and re-add
  • Moved Hub further away (it was about 2M away before and is now approx 10M+on another floor)
  • Exclude from ST, Factory Reset the Conexis lock and then reinstall

The battery status updates when the lock is first added to Smartthings. And then only when manually tapping refresh in the classic app.

Here is a snippet of the first install to Smartthings:

Any advice?

You can try this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH.

Not sure about spending the £30 without knowing it will resolve the issue. The conexis lock is not that feature rich to benefit from the other features your DH offers too.

Do you offer trials? So that I can check if it fixes the battery issue.

  • Auto relock
  • Auto relock timeout
  • Wrong tag used notification limit
  • Audio volume

I think you’re under estimating your lock’s capabilities :slight_smile:

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Hey RBoy,

Have installed your DH and still not seeing any battery updates without manually pressing the refresh button in the classic app. Thoughts?

It will get the battery status from the lock between 12-72 hours depending various conditions to optimize the level of communications. Also note that the battery events are only logged if they change.

Ok, I’ll wait things out and see if it updates in a few days.
Another question, what does ECO mode do?


This for some Yale Z-Wave Plus modules which have the ability to go into power save mode (Eco mode). You can check your manual if your lock supports that feature.

Now after classic app with refresh button is gone how to update battery status with stock handler?
I have new batteries for 1 month and it still shows 1%
Before I found refresh button in classic app (I was using modern app only) I had to reset sistem remove and readd lock to ST.
Is custom handler only way to make it work?