Yale Conexis l1 Locking Issue

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I’ve recently installed a yale conexis l1 with the zwave module, I have added to smartthings and they are working well together. However, I have an issue with locking the door. If the door is unlocked and I try to lock within smartthings the door does not lock, the motor activates but sounds like its stuck. If I lift the handle to manually lock the door and then unlock and relock with smartthings it works fine

So the issue looks to be with the handle not being able to move the locking bolt remotely. Does this happen to anyone else, i’m not actually sure if the lock should work in this way in the first place, being able to lock the door remotely. Does anyone else have this lock and are able to confirm if I should be able to lock remotely without the handle being previously lifted up?


Sadly you cannot lock this lock remotely as the motor is not designed to perform the same fuction as lifting the handle. All you can do is unlock remotley and see if it is locked or not.

Yeah sadly I found this out only after buying and installing too.

Makes the integration with Smartthings pretty pointless, as the lock can’t be made to do anything at all without the use of something like ITTT.

Well I suppose you can remotely unlock by manually using the device in the smartthings app… But then you can do that anyway with the connexis app.

Have you considered Nuki or Danalock (v2 supports remote programming, v3 only supports remote control) as options to retrofit your existing door locks?

Not really the locks fault s the power to pull all the levers in multi-point would require some large batteries to last any length of time. Remote monitoring and reminder notifications is a good use can. i.e. you left the door unlocked when you left for work or went to bed. Remote unlock also good if someone forgets their ‘key’

I use Webcore rather than IFTTT.


I have also installed the Conexis L1 with the same issue, however after some research and a bit of tinkering, I have found that it is due the original mechanism in the door onto which the lock is installed.

If the original mechanism allows you to lock the door (when the euro-cylinder key barrel is still installed) as it only has a single locking bolt or if it locks without lifting the handle to engage the fitted multi-point locking system, such that only the single bolt deploys or the handle locks to prevent the retracting of the latch, then remote locking is possible.

However, if the key could only be turned to lock the door after the handle has been lifted to engage the fitted multi-point system then I’m afraid remote locking is not possible, your L1 is performing the same action as turning the key in the lock.

I have been trying to source a suitable mechanism to no avail but some tinkering of the door gearbox will allow the barrel to turn to lock the latch and handle and so lock the door, all be it without the multi-point being engaged providing a much lower level of security.

I hope this helps.


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Did you try the calibration routine for left vs right hinged doors?

The motor in the Conexis L1 isn’t used to drive the handle, only the barrel replacement interface placed inside the existing gearbox so it won’t engage the mechanical aspect of the multi-point lock. There is, on some locks, a notch on the cam on the gearbox in place when the mechanism is deployed which allows the barrel to turn. Fabricating a similar notch in the cam when the lock isn’t fully deployed allows the barrel to turn, forcing the gearbox to hold the handle level preventing the latch bolt from being retracted, effectively locking the door.

Hi Martin . I’m at this all day . And have only discovered this problem . Can you tell me how to disengage the points in the door like you talk about . Is it easy to do . I’m 4 hours at this . Taking it in and out . Thanks .

I gave up trying to get it t lock in Smarthings … Works fine in Home assistant with a zwave plus dongle on a Raspberry Pi

I’m not sure what your doing wrong, but mine can be locked in smartthings once the handle has initially been lifted. However, The motor isn’t strong enough to drive the whole multilocking mechanism.