Yale assure lock question

Does anybody know if it’s possible to change the master pin code without entirely resetting the lock?


  1. Touch the screen with the back of your hand or fingers to activate .
  2. Enter the 8-digit default Master PIN code (12345678) followed by the key #
    Lock Response: “Menu mode, enter number, press the # key to continue.”
  3. Enter “1” followed by the key #
  4. Enter new 4-8 digit Master PIN code followed by the key #

Just to clarify: I already set my own master pin after changing the default “factory” one and now I want to change it again.

Same procedure

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OK that worked. But I have a general question. When my mode changes, my lock is automatically locking.

I didn’t set anything up in the lock user management after that to happen. Is this normal? I can see it happening when I view the activity feed for my lock.

That means you either have auto lock enabled on your lock or you have an app/rule configured to relock your lock. The latter you can track down with the ST Classic app by seeing which apps are connected to your lock on the lock device page under SmartApps. Open each app and go through the settings. In LUM you’ll find the relock under Door Open/Close actions.

Yes, I have the lock set to lock one minute after my front door closes using a multipurpose sensor. But it’s still locking at every mode change and I didn’t set anything like that. Anywhere else I can check?

That’s normal, when the mode changes it checks if the contact is closed and takes actions as configured. It’s required due to the way ST works otherwise it won’t trigger when you put mode restrictions on relock.
If it’s already locked and the sensor is closed then nothing will happen, if it’s unlocked and the door is closed it will relock it after a minute (or as per how you’ve configured it).

It would be nice to have a way to resume program on my thermostat when the lock is unlocked. I could run a routine to do that but there is no option in a SmartThings routine to run resume program.

Edit that. I just thought I could create a virtual switch to do it through webCoRE.

You can use modes, they have the ability to pause and resume apps, but the app must support it. For example if you’re using the 5-2 Day Thermostat app (or any of the other thermostat apps from rboy apps), they have a feature called Operating Modes. You can set them to only operate in Home mode and then change modes when you lock from outside to Away and then back to Home when you unlock from outside. This way you can pause and resume the thermostat app.

Will that 5-2 app click on my HVAC system to meet the desired temperature at the desired time? For instance if I have it set to 72° cooling at 8 PM will that kick on at 7:30 PM to start reaching the desired temperature by 8 PM ?