Yale Assure Lock Control, Insteon, Hubitat, Smartthings

Today, I use Insteon w/hub for all lighting, Rooms, Scenes, etc even call some scenes within my Logitech home theatre “Activities”. The Insteon mesh is working well. Now I have replaced my first deadbolt with a Yale Assure Lock and intend to do the same with my current Schalge front door Mortise lock. Schlage / Yale are offering both Z-Wave and Zigbee modules for the Yale real living deadbolt controls. I could use a SThings hub since it offers lock control or do something else.

Insteon does not have native control for locks in general - they dropped that support - go figure?

So my thoughts are stick with my current Insteon hub for lighting - my 1st use case and get educated here on lock control. Hubitate sounds interesting and if it can setup lock control integration and work with Insteon - great.

I am not allergic to simple code jobs so Hubitate would be fun to learn regardless of the above. But what I hope to discover here is which path will give me the most flexibility, security and stability for my new lock - use case.

As I add more smart home things to my house I would like to keep the mesh happy, tinker some when required and enjoy the added convenance of the best solution.

Await advice from this community.


You can use an app like LUM for creating custom actions for each user in SmartThings.

Yale are EXCELLENT locks and very stable. The Schalge locks zwave modules have some issues (most of them can be fixed with the help of this enhanced device handler), something to be aware of as you go ahead with the integrations.

Do you have anything specific in mind that you’re trying to do with your locks?

Mostly, for my wife’s safety, a upon arrival at home the house is aware of her presence driveway or front door - lighting scene ON, door unlocked, I am notified by text Email or sms to cell , her arrivals logged for proof she made it home.
After arrivals auto relock with notification.