Yagusmart 3-Gang Issues

Hi all, I recently started trying out the yagusmart zigbee lightswitches, they look good, work without a neutral and are a reasonable price. I had a two gang up and running quickly, put it into paring mode, scanned for devices, went into the IDE and changed the new ‘thing’ to a zigbee multiswitch - child switch then appeared and works well. I have just added a 3 gang, followed the same steps all appeared well EXCEPT only one parent and one child, I was expecting to see one parent and two child devices. I have tried a few different ideas including manually adding a device etc to no avail. The only interesting point was that i changed the device ID from xxx:02 (the child device) to xxx:03 - this actually changed the switch being controlled to the third gang. So basically, I need another device adding with the device ID xxx:02 and we should be rolling (manual add didn’t work unless I am missing something?). any ideas how I can achieve this??? (I am no way a coder, i can just about manage adding customer device handlers!! :slight_smile: )

Try with Woobooung dth.
This is a very updated dth for double and triple switches


Perfect! Instantly came up - tested and functioning well! Thanks very much for this!!

For others here is the link to the code…