Zigbee Light Switch 4 Gangs wszigus04

Hi ,
I was able to use only 2 from 4 swithces of the attached Zigbbe Light Switch.
Any chance for th DHT to support all 4 switches ? DHT child ?

Please help …

Is this supported by a builtin DTH or a community based one?

I was able to control 2 switches out of 4 switches with Built in Zigbee Multi switch internal handler.
I want to control all the 4.

Please help…

That DTH is not written to support 4 gang switches…only 2. I don’t know where you saw that the 4 gang was supported but I don’t believe that it is. Someone would have to update the DTH to support all 4 gangs.

You are absolutely right. But, who can help updating this handler ?
Any help is welcome…

I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve the problem in any way?

Hi. Did anyone managed to get 4 switches working?

Hi folks,

Try with this one and please tell me if it works.


it works with hue 4 gang light switch

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