Xiaomi mijia 1080P Smart IP Camera

I finally got my Xiaomi Mijia 1080p camera with NAS storage working. The Live/remote viewing works and the motion detection with 1 minute clips also works! I think this covers all the things most people like myself were trying to do. The remote viewing is done through the Mi Home app as well as other features. I could not get it set up to work with my WD MyCloud network drive, I kept getting an error immediately after getting a message saying setup successfully completed. I used a drive connected to my Asus AC87R by USB and it let me log in to the drive, then shared files folder, and also go into a specific sub-folder called Videos to send my files from the Mijia.

What is it that this camera DOES NOT do that everyone is trying to get it to do? I can not integrate it with smart things is the only downside I can see. At $33- , it was money well spent!!!

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With Foscam I am able to take a screenshot ever 3 seconds and show it in actiontiles dashboard.
I can also dynamically turn on or off the motion detection via url.

I’ve seen this camera before but without those options is useless for me.

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This gives you a notification with a 1 minute clip and access to live viewing if you need further viewing. What exactly are you still missing?

NAS storage will NOT become a choosable option until a MicroSD storage card is added. I have added it but “Record and save alarm video to SD…” is not being used by me (the slider is set to Off)


I just verified that you can activate camera using data from a cellphone remotely. I could start the camera from sleep mode and live view it with the option to permanently record. I also had a slider that allowed me to easily move around in the live video. I was able to put the motion detector back to sleep and stop detection via data also. The part about 3 second clips and tiles I’m not sure about… You are talking to a complete newbie about this. I would love some tiles on my ST home automation screen!

It is a great solution…
But I want everything in the same place… I open my dashboard and I see all cameras and all devices …with this I need to access an external app.

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How can you set this camera up to access it as an IP camera? I have it working in the Mi Home app, but when I try to type the IP in my web browser I get no response. I tried scanning the camera with Fing and it shows no open ports.

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@ChiWestSider Do you use MiHome App in the screenshot?

Yes. Every day when I leave. I activate my
SmartThings home monitoring and I activate (wake up) my 2 Mi Home Cameras.

These cameras (this particular model) do not expose any IP based video stream, the only way to access them is either through the MiHome app (through Xiaomi’s servers), or by using the NAS feature to save locally and somehow expose the short clips through your local hardware.

There are some developers working on reverse engineering the hardware/firmware to allow for RTSP streams with this camera. They’ve made progress but are still working on things.


anyone with this camera you got updated? my NAS function dissapeared from menu! anyone else?

any update on getting this integrated to smartthings?

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I don’t have the NAS drive option in my MI App. Is there some settings that need to be configured first? I have an SD card installed and the clips are saved to the SD card no problems!!!

I really envy you. I applied the 0.8.7 RTSP hack. Based on the LED indicators it appeared to take. Now the camera appears to boot correctly, but I cannot see it with anything… Not the MI app, not with VLC, not TinyCam… NOTHING.

Looks like I have trashed two cameras…

Any help would be most appreciated.