Xiaomi integration with ST's

Hi all,
I have the following Xiaomi devices I would like to integrate with SmartThings hub I have just purchased:

4x Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch

3x Aqara Smart Double Light Switch Wireless Version

1x Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor

1x Aqara Window Door Sensor

1x Aqara Smart Wireless Switch

5x Xiaomi Yeelight AC220V RGBW E27

1x Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller

I ideally want to be able to create better rules and have better control than I seem to be able to currently with the Xiaomi hub (ability to make light come on on a certain colour, ability to auto enable/disable based on my proximity, ability to integrate their camera which they have now blocked outside of China, etc.)

Am I able to do this and to properly capture the events? (i.e. both buttons on the Wireless Switch, Single, Double and Long press event on the button, etc).

I also have three Google homes and several (5) genetic smart plugs from Amazon that I want to tie in together

I ideally want to be able to use either the Xiaomi remotes or Google home to control everything.


Welcome to Smartthings if you use the search button at the top you will find many topics to help with xiaomi


Welcome! First we need to ask a few questions. :sunglasses:

What model of smartthings hub do you have?

Which smartthings mobile app are you using?

What country are you in?

Once we have that information, we can give you better answers.

I just bought the hub so v2. I am in the UK.
Happy to use whatever version of the app you tell me to.
I did search the forum a bit and found tons of threads which weren’t sounding too promising hence me asking hopping they are outdated or not the full picture.

Officially, the V2 hub is only in the US model. So you either have the UK model, or the US V2 model. What’s the exact model number?


Also, regardless of the hub model, you will have to use the “smartthings classic” mobile app, not the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” mobile app. Don’t even download the other version of the app or it can create issues. This is because in order to use the Xiaomi devices you have to use custom code, and at present custom device type handlers are not supported in the Samsung connect version of the app.

Please see this forum thread for a custom device handler that allows button press and hold functionality. Note that multi-click functionality is not available in SmartThings.

You can use the “Aqara Button” device handler (from the link I gave above), but this will only be recognized as ONE button. This is a limitation of SmartThings, see this post for more information.

Please see the forum thread I linked to above.

There is no device handler for these. It’s best to set up IFTTT integration, please see this forum thread for more information.

Please see this forum thread for a custom SmartThings device handler.

Good luck!!!


Xiaomi are the best cheap “out of the box” sensor that you can get for smarthings
Enjoy. As previously described theres alot of materials in this forum to get you started!
Good luck!

If you like tinkering with stuff lookup Domoticz, it interfaces with the Xiaomi hub and allows to do pretty much any kind of automation with all of the Xiami devices. I have it working with the buttons, temp/humidity, door and motion sensors. I also have it bridged to a smartthings v1 hub via scripts, so I can use them from smartthings.

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Hi does anyone here know if the xiaomi devices work with the Samsung things link for the nvidia shield?