Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

It does take a bunch of presses but both of my buttons paired in a minute or so while stabbing the pair button with an earing. LOL

Someone posted that they had to use the Event viewer in the API in order to get the network address and than manually created the device.

I tried that and it connected but gave no responses. Only the vigorous press connected them correctly.

Strange. The button and the sensors work. Their LED’s respond. I will try the button pressing again tonight and if that fails, I will try the IDE way. Thanks. Will post an update when I am done…Either way.

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I tried theIDE way of pairing and it works perfectly.



Do you guys all track the shipments when you get stuff from China like this?
Pretty interesting seeing it as it goes through each stop along the way.


Heads-up: The motion sensor is $8.89 and the door/windows sensor - $6.99 right now. That’s about $2 cheaper than yesterday for the motion sensor.


Does anyone know if these motion sensors will get set off by pets?

I would assume they would. There is a no sensitivity setting so if it detects motion of any kind it activates.

Thanks, I figured they would as well.

Only if they eat them. :wink:

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Does the gateway come with multiple plug options? The one on the Gearbest website has a plug I don’t recognize, but is definitely not standard US.

I’m pretty sure they don’t make a US plug

But the gateway is required to make use of the sensors, correct?

No. The contact sensors, buttons, motion sensor, and temp/humidity sensors connect straight to the smartthings hub.


No they work directly with the Smartthings hub.


Well, that changes everything!! :smiley:


How do these motion sensors compare to ST or Iris ones? Is the response time good? Battery life?

I’ve searched all over the site and can’t find any Xiaomi motion sensors. Would someone give me a link? Thank you.