Xiaomi devices on sale (buttons/sensors/cubes)

Yes. Here is my comment from earlier today…

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Dude! :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I tried the battery method you turned me onto above, and this morning, the Smart Switch unit is now reporting battery. [/quote]

Yeah I read it, just did not know how many devices you are working on at the same time. I don’t know what to tell you. All devices I paired (3 of them are switches) around the same time are still alive.

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…just did not know how many devices you are working on at the same time…[/quote]

I have only opened two of my Xiaomi Smart Switches.

One has worked just fine since the first time I paired them both.

The other one keeps dropping off.

The only one that I have been talking about this whole time is the second one; the one that keeps dropping off.

Proud to report that all three of my devices have synced! I was ready to use them as coffee table leg props.

Here are some things that seemed to seal the deal:

  • Place the sensors literally ON TOP of your ST hub. No joke… on top. To the side six inches didn’t work.
  • Leave the magnets AWAY from the sensor in an OPEN state. Previously I had been using them in a closed state and they would never sync.
  • When creating the device, do not fill in the Zigbee ID. Only fill in the Device ID. Continue to use the four digit code that appears.
  • DO NOT hit the Configure button. I don’t know what it does… but don’t hit it.

I paired mine last night about 9:00 PM and today at 1:00 PM the next day they show the battery level.
For reference my batteries were at 94, 92 and 93%.



Everyone, thanks for the info.

I just ordered a button and a mood cube.

Do these still require custom Device Handlers?

If they do, is it just for pairing, and then after that I can change them to a standard device handler?

Or do I need a custom handler regardless?

If I need custom handler, which are the best for the mood cube and button?


Yes you do need the handlers to pair and to use so don’t change handler once paired. I use these handlers and they work amazing for me!!


I got a button and a few door/window sensors. I tried the button, and I think I accidentally paired it. I added the device handler from the above post, and I see events when I press and release the button, but they are not catchall events. They have on/off: 0 when I press the button, and on/off: 1 when I release it. I don’t see a device ID so I’m not sure how to add the device. How do I add this as a device in SmartThings? Any advice for the door/windows sensors? I’ve read several posts, but I’m still not sure. Thanks for any help.

If you’re seeing log events for on/off, sound so like it’s already added!

I just did a simple pairing with sensor 6-8ft away from the hub and then install the sensor 20-40 ft away. The battery level showed up hours later. Only one of the 5 devices got disconnected before showing battery level and need repairing. All work fine otherwise. I did not use any special trick to pair them. I only change the device name during pairing. I did not enter any ID or anything. It has been more than a week and I experienced no issue so far.

But there’s no device in my list that corresponds to it so I can’t use it in automation.

I tried deleting the device handler and I still get the same event - no catchall.

You will see press events on the hub event log when you press and the device is not paired. It is normal and in that sense you should ignore Pbrain comment - it does not mean that the device is paired.

To pair you need to use the tiny reset hole at the back of the switch using a paper clip.

Thank you for your help. It works!

Does anyone know if these motion sensors are pet immune? They say human detection. I have a small 12lb dog

They are on sale.

Our cat triggers it occasionally

These sensor pick up on slight change in temperature so it will pick up anything that gives off its own temperature (people and pets). That’s why is says body sensor not motion sensor. I have a few on the ground and if I am wearing my super thick boots it sometimes doesn’t register me. And also there is no adjusting the sensitivity just and FYI.

There’s a flash sale on Human Detectors, Door/Window contact sensors and the single buttons. I think the Human Detectors are around £8 and the other two less than £6. Delivery is the usual long winded process but you could even lob in the 3-5 days service with the savings.

I’ve just ordered a Human detector, two contacts and two buttons for less than a single ST branded motion sensor…

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I’d take Gearbest’s flash sales with a pinch of salt. Gearbest prices, in general, fluctuate more frequently than Amazon’s!

Flash sale prices aren’t necessarily any cheaper than fluctuating low prices. I tend to monitor my ‘favourite’ (Xiamoi) item prices every day or two…Flash Sale prices don’t appear to be anything to get excited about…generally.


I just took the dive and order 1 human sensor and 2 contact sensors. Here’s praying it all goes smooth when they get here.

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For the Xiaomi sensors, GB has the best prices around (“flash” and non-flash sales) when factoring in price, shipping (speed and price), and order reliability, in my experiences anyway. They regularly drop the contact sensors below $7 USD, and paying the $3 tracked shipping and $1 insurance hasn’t let me down in 2 small and 1 very large orders. Received all 3 orders in under 14 days.

Zapals and Ali prices are always $2-3 USD higher per item, plus more for worse (untracked) shipping options.

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