Xiaomi Curtain Motors

I started looking at these and I saw that they now have the option to open part way. Maybe that is only with their app that you have to have their gateway to use? I’m not sure. Also, I’m confused by this website/description. Does this include the track AND motor?

anyone have luck getting this motor working with ST fully ? Need to automate 5 curtains and looks like a cheaper solution than buying more somfy glydea tracks…

Also, will these motors work with Glydea tracks so i can replace the current motors with these and integrate directly with ST ?


Hello guys!

I’m really interested in buying one but couldn’t find much info about it.
What I want to know is, what connectivity does it support except Zigbee?

In “Xiaomify” channel’s video I saw that zigbee controller is connected via RJ11 or RJ12?
Because I would like to control it with wires…

Has anyone who owns a xiaomi curtain motor modified their DTH to allow it to stop midway instead of only full open or close?

Thanks for your DTH ShinJang. Now, I have to go order the aqara motor and rail kit to try this out.