Xiaomi Aqara dimmable light bulb

I see that there is a dimmable Aqara Zigbee light bulb available. Does anybody know if this will work with the Smartthings Hub v2?


Did you try try these bulbs on your hub? What was the result?



Hi Simon,

No, have not bought the bulb yet. I think it will not work without a custom Device Handler…


anyone has got this going yet?


You are talking about Xiaomi Aqara ZNLDP12LM LED Smart Bulb?
I purchased one of these and it seems to be working almost perfectly with “ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb” device handler.
The only little problem is that when you change the brightness you have to use the arrows, because jumping straight to the % you want doesnt work correctly.


To make the bulb discoverable have you use the same procedure as to add to Aqara App?